Raheem Brockington, born November 13, 1985, better known simply as “Heem”, is an American rapper, songwriter. Heem hails from the soulful city of Philadelphia. Home to many musical talents, such as The Roots, Will Smith, Meek Mill, Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, and that’s just to name a few. Eagar to carry the torch, some of Heem influence came from the likes of Mase, Nas, and Tupac. This eclectic group shaped Heem into a universal artist. One who possesses the lyrical ability to cover a vast variety of topics. Raised in the inner-city, Heem witnessed it all from the good to the bad. Some things first hand, while experiencing others vicariously. From crack sells to shoot-outs, Heem managed to bypass the pitfalls of the hood. Using his experience as a tool, for crafting cautionary street tales. The best way to describe Heem would be an artist of balance. His lyrics portray a man raised in the ghetto, faced with the same difficulties of the average inner-city youth. A similar tale I know. But this time it’s from a unique perspective. One of triumph and promise. An artist like Heem is what I like to call an artist of transition. From the ghettos of Philadelphia to the world, Heem music will grow through experience.
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